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Budgies - Hand Made Lamp

Budgies - Hand Made Lamp

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Light up your home with the joyful presence of budgies! Our handmade lamp is designed to add a touch of vibrant color and cuteness to any living space. And best of all - no clean up required! Bring the charm of these beloved feathered friends into your home and show off the intelligence, sociability, and colorful pizzazz of your new feathered family.

Our Moonlights bring a beautiful ambient glow into any room. Not enough to read by but just enough light:

  • To warmly light a dark area
  • To light an entrance hall to welcome you home after a long day
  • A soft, subtle light for baby’s nursery
  • A cosy light for the Snug or Lounge
  • A beautiful and romantic bedside light
  • A gentle mood light

And of course……just to look nice !

Your Moonlight, whether as a gift for someone special or a treat for yourself, will become a unique and pleasurable addition to any home

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